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Crushing plant  - Plano

STARAC d.o.o. annually supplies more than 350,000 tons of high-purity calcium carbonate products from quarries located in hill Plano. For the year 2023, we have contracted jobs that will increase production to 700,000 tons of finished calcium carbonate products.

Our range consists of limestone powder, granules, aggregates and architectural stone products.


Our base raw material, limestone from Plano, is of extremely high quality, and on average has measurements of 99.5% pure calcium carbonate. This purity combined with the sophisticated production techniques of the company STARAC d.o.o. allows us to offer a very wide range of products. From large natural blocks to fine granules and powders, we can supply calcium carbonate for demanding applications including glass, rubber, carpet and architectural structures.


Extraction and processing of high-quality limestone


First, the rock in the quarry must be drilled and then sawn and crushed as a large stone slab to produce the raw stone. We use the uncracked parts of the stone in the demolished slabs for architectural stone (blocks), and we crush the rest of the rock mass with escavators equipped with pneumatic hammers. The crushed rock mass is then taken to our crushing plant in Plano or to our factory in Siveric where the raw material is subjected to various processes including crushing, drying, grinding, screening and classification to produce a wide range of high quality aggregates, granules and fine powder. Continuous reprocessing of all by-products ensures the elimination of waste from our operations.

Chrushing plant

The crushing plant consists of two crushers, one is a jaw crusher and one is a cone crusher, and we have two sieves, one of which is two-story and one three-story. Everything is connected in a line, and the daily production amounts to over 3,000 tons.

Starac excavator

Working with stone requires strong and reliable machines. Our equipment for preparing rock for the crushing plant consists of six excavators, three of which are Hyundai, and we also have Volvo, Komatsu and JCB.

Mercedes trucks

In order to transport our products to customers, our calcite filler factory in Siverić or our stone export warehouse in the cargo port of Split, we use our fleet of 7 state-of-the-art technology trucks equipped with many security systems, cameras and displays.

The loading of 35,000 tons of calcium carbonate raw material into a ship in the northern port of Split is a process that is carried out non-stop 24 hours a day and lasts for four days. The calcium carbonate we produce is of exceptional purity and whiteness and is used for paper production in the Netherlands, and the ship you see in the video is on its way to the port of Rotterdam after boarding.

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